FreeCoin FREE

FreeCoin is a simple and fully working crypto coin derived from Bitcoin. FreeCoins share the common Genesis hash and have a limited amount of coins. This coin is an excellent choice for testing purposes. We offer one FreeCoin per person.

What you get
  • Name and abbrevation of your choice
  • Windows Qt binaries
  • Coinbase with 500 coins
  • Hosting a coin dedicated daemon for 4 days
Current queue: 0 coins
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  1. Fill the form below
  2. Confirm your coin by email
  3. Wait until your coin is ready
  4. Download your coin
  5. Start mining

We do these things for you

  1. Clone your coin from Bitcoin 0.8.6
  2. Modify the sources suitable for your coin
  3. Generate a unique Genesis block and Merkle hash with a verifiable timestamp (YourCoin only)
  4. Build the Windows Qt binaries and upload them to the cloud
  5. Host a daemon of your coin to which the Windows client will connect by default
Max: 500 coins

Wallet not synchronized!

The first time you open your client the wallet is in "out of sync" status because no blocks are found. After the first block is found the wallet becomes synchronized.

What does the premine option mean?

If you choose the premine option, the FIRST block mined gives a super amount of coins (= the given premine percentage).

How do I mine?

The easiest way to mine your first coins is by opening the debug console window in the wallet and typing 'setgenerate true'. This will start CPU mining. Type 'getmininginfo' in order to view your hash rate. For more advanced and utilized mining you should use a specific mining software e.g. bfgmineror cgminer

How long does it take to find a block?

It depends on your hashrate. Try this for an estimate. Remember that the starting difficulty of the network is 1 for SHA256 and 0.00024414 for Scrypt.

What happens after the hosting period is over?

After the hosting period is over we shut down the node to which the other nodes tries to connect by default. Hopefully your coin has now enough users so our 'hosting' is not needed anymore. You can also set your own hosting e.g. to a linux server with static IP by compiling the linux daemon from the sources. Extended hosting periods are also negotiable but your final goal should be not to rely on our services!

Windows/Firewall is blocking the client!

By default many Windows distributions and antivirus softwares try to block suspicious looking executable files. On top of that the client tries to open ports! Unblock and give access to the client from your admin panel.

The client cannot get any connections!

Check that your firewall is not blocking the client. Remember that after the hosting period expires, the node specified in the configuration is not reachable anymore.

Thank you!

We have sent a confirmation email to . You can activate this coin request by clicking the link from that email.

ATTENTION: if we don't receive the confirmation , your coin request will expire.

Payment information

Your payment address is:

Please, pay BTC to the given address. It can take take up to 3h before your payment is verified, depending on the serving rate of so please be patient.

ATTENTION: if we don't get a verification from your payment , your coin request will expire.

Getting started!

Coin properties

Coin type
Initial coins per block
Target spacing
Target timespan
Coinbase maturity
Max coinbase
P2P port
RPC port

CoinCreator terms of service

The software comes as is described in the website. CoinCreator has all the rights to remove at any time the coin hosting services and the hosting of the binaries and source files. We can't guarantee that our hosting service uptime is 100% and we preserve the rights to take our hosting service down for maintanance situations.

The user must have rights to the uploaded content. The uploaded content must not contain any unlawful, illegal, fraudulent or harmful materia. CoinCreator helds no responsibility for the uploaded content.

If your paid YourCoin build fails or the produced binaries won't start, please send your coin ID and description about situation to our support email. We'll take look at the problem and if it can't be fixed, you'll get your payment back.

For problem situations, use mail